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Optimizing eLearning through Custom Content Development Outsourcing in 2023

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Outsourcing custom eLearning development in 2023 is a smart move for organizations that want to stay ahead by providing effective and engaging employee training programs. The benefits of outsourcing custom eLearning development include access to expert knowledge, cost savings, and the ability to scale up or down as needed.

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Elearning Course Development: Why The Kick-Off Meeting Is So Important

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., we pride ourselves on partnering and working collaboratively with our clients on elearning course development projects. And an important part of elearning course development is the kick-off meeting. The elearning course development at Spark+Co. Objectives Of The Kick-Off Meeting In Developing Elearning Courses.

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5 Online Review Tools for Seamless Rapid eLearning Development

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Check out the best online review tools for seamless rapid eLearning development. The review of eLearning courses is a time-consuming and tedious process due to the involvement of multiple stakeholders. Looking for a solution to quickly review and revise your eLearning courses before deployment?

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5 Tips for Effective eLearning Design and Development

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People can design and develop eLearning courses for years yet might not find them to be effective. To ensure you aren’t one of them, here are the 5 tips to help you ensure effective eLearning design and development. Succeed!

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A Holistic Approach to Upskilling Employees

Why Upskilling Is On Everyone’s Mind When creating a learning strategy, its easy to get bogged down in the details and not see the whole picture Individual components like onboarding, compliance training, leadership development, and skills development programs can be complex ordeals.

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Top Tips For Developing Human Resources Leadership Development Programs

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That’s both the need for people to fill the gaps and the job of Human Resources to lead the response by finding and developing those people. With a skills gap crisis looming, the focus inevitably turns to human resources. That raises the question of how we equip our HR people for the challenging tasks ahead.

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Leadership training: getting leader development right with elearning


Focusing on developing leaders has paid dividends for organizations in a number of sectors. Leadership training develops a number of key skills, including soft skills such as communication and delegation , as well as more technical skills like data analysis and project management. Sounds like a no brainer, right?

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From Predictive to Agile: How to Choose the Right Project Management Methodology

Instead, project managers are embracing dynamic and adaptable frameworks that carefully consider project and product variables to determine the most suitable development approaches and project life cycles. Our profession is undergoing a transformation, moving away from rigid, one-size-fits-all methodologies.

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Upskilling HR: Future-Proof Your HR Career

Speaker: Jeanne Achille - CEO, The Devon Group

Why upskilling is crucial to HR’s career development. Human Resources Today is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. Learning objectives: Learn that not all upskilling is through formal learning practices and how you can upskill on your own.

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Onboarding Retrospective - A Different Path to Better Onboarding Experiences

Speaker: Carrie Missele - Practice Lead, Learning and Development at Inspirant Group

Human Resources Today is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. Therefore, if your onboarding process is lengthy and information-heavy by nature, you must be creative in how you complete your tasks and convey company and job information.

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Performance, Personalities, and ROI: How to Drive More Successful Learning

How to Drive More Successful Learning Most business leaders agree that learning and development programs are essential to up-skilling their staff and improving the organization. But even the self-reported success rates of these L&D programs often fall short.

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5 Ways Talent Development Makes Your Company Unbeatable

The way we evaluate and develop talent is broken. Traditional performance reviews aren’t working for employees (1 in 5 admit they’d rather call in sick than have one) and nearly 90% of business leaders are currently reevaluating their approach to performance reviews.

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The AI Conundrum: How HR Can Prepare for the Storm of Change

Speaker: Kate Bischoff - CEO and Founder of k8bisch LLC (formerly tHRive Law & Consulting)

As a result, a draft of an AI Bill of Rights was published to guide the development, advancement, and use of AI and other automated systems. Human Resources Today is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. How will the upcoming AI rules affect the use of AI in HR?

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6 Tips for Reducing the Complexity of Custom eLearning Development

You are the head of Learning and Development at a large manufacturing company that employs over 3,000 people. The executive team is also asking you to develop new training for tasks on the line to ensure consistency, something that was previously done by each employees’ supervisor. They are placing the blame on poor training.

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HR Benchmark Report: How to Recruit, Coach & Develop Teams

How to coach and develop different teams. Check out the latest Paycor report to discover: How to hire the “right” people. Why 360-degree feedback is critical. The importance of investing in an employee referral program. How a quality learning management system can help engage employees.